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Antuna Augustinčića 8, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

Large offer of grilled meat typical for the Balkan region.

Restaurant “Bistro MZ”

Maybe the best grill in Zagreb in Restaurant ”Bistro MZ”!

Restaurant ”Bistro MZ” is place where you can try maybe the best grill in town. It is located in the neighborhood Ravnice near Maksimir Stadium. The offer and quality of the dishes are superb. The offer of grilled meat typical for the Balkan region, includes various grilled meats, stews and goulash soups.

From the dishes that we recommend – try mazalice (bread in which they pressed minced meat and hot peppers, all roasted like a toast on the grill), patties in kajmak, cevapcici… the classic versions of grilled dishes. If you like hot and spicy food we recommend you to try Ruža – which is a specialty of the house Restaurant ”Bistro MZ”.

At restaurant “Bistro MZ” portions are very large and the meat is always fresh and superbly prepared so every time you will leave the restaurant more than happy and satisfied.

The ambiance of the restaurant “Bistro MZ” is a story in itself. Very humble, nothing special, indeed very simple and deprived of aesthetics. However, the atmosphere is always pleasant, and one could say like “at home”. At restaurant you will meet random passersby, business people, locals, travelers – and they all seem equally satisfied and relaxed.

Prices are affordable! Various stews you can eat for more than affordable 1,6 Euro, and grilled dishes you will pay between 4 and 20 Euro.


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