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Heinzelova 17 adresa Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

Best place where you can eat superb offer of grilled meat and typical Balkan region dishes

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Pivnica Beerhouse Budweiser

Best grilled meat in Zagreb – leskovac grill

The Budweiser beer house in Zagreb stands out by the leskovac grill which is well known because of best meat grill preparation. Why would we recommend you to try leskovac grilled meat? Because this type of roasting  gives best taste, softness and juiciness to meat dishes.  Grilled meat fans will enjoy in dishes made according to the original recipe. Balkan regional food abound with meat dishes and lot of grilled vegetables. Meat dishes are complemented by cheese filling, sauces like popular ”kajmak”, ”ajvar” and other BBQ sauces. One of the top meat dish from Balkan region is ”đevrek” – beefburger filled with kajmak – try that chef’s specialty. Other meat specialty to recommend is meat under the ”peka” (iron bell) – popular way of preparing meat in it’s own sauce – far better then you can make in oven. There’s plenty of different meat types such as beef, lamb, pork, veal, turkey, chicken, wild animals meat but also squid and fish – the choice is yours!


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