Pivana – a great place for gathering

Ilica 222, 10 000, Zagreb

What to expect?

A place where you'll have fun on any day of the week in good company, while at the same time you´ll not spend a lot of money


Pub which used to be called „K pivovari“ (near brewery) now has become „Pivana“. Zagreb brewery pub in Ilica street is well-known place for gathering. It was always a pleasant place with affordable food, but nothing more than that. Recently pub was renovated and the interior was completely changed, but these are not the only changes that have been made.

The focus in Pivana is on the live music, evening gatherings, good time , good beers and tasty meals. The menu of the old pub is also completely changed and modernized.

Pivana is, as its name suggests, the pub which focuses on the socializing with beer. However, thanks to its large terrace, a sufficient number of parking spaces and a pleasant ambience, Pivana can also be a convenient place for lunch.

Pivana has a typical pub interior, a bit dark with a lot of high tables, high bars and a stage for live music. Outside the entrance are sculptures with pints in their hands. Above the large wooden tables are green glass beer bottles which illuminate the area and on the walls are black and white photographs as a reminder of the brewery history. On the shelves are stacked antique barrels, and in one corner is situated a red truck that once distributed beer.

The menu follow the current trends in the city, and all the dishes are suitable for a pub. There is not too much imagination nor reinventing the wheel in meals, but despite all the dishes are very tasty. The restaurant, in fact, offers a real beer cuisine. From the chicken wings, pork ribs, ham hocks to the burgers and fries, everything is home made and procured from local family farms. The prices of dishes are about 30 kuna which is little less than 4 euro.

Beer offer is limited to products of the Zagreb brewery, so don´t be disappointed if you can´t find a colorful range of exotic or monastery beers. The real hit among the guests is unfiltered beer “Pivana” that hasn´t passed the process of pasteurization, has a shorter shelf life, it´s a little bit thicker and has a higher percentage of alcohol than standard beers.

Suma sumarum:
Pivana is a pleasant place with good food, beer and music. A place where you’ll have fun on any day of the week in good company, while at the same time you´ll not spend a lot of money. It´s an ideal place for after job parties, birthdays, going out with friends, crush, grandmother, business partners and so on.


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