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Ul. Nikole Tesle 7, Palmotićeva 1, Importane Centar, Zagreb

What to expect?

Fresh food and drinks - vegetarian, vegan and gluten - free friendly!

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Real, Good Food! (With colors)

Heathy food never taste better!

Are you ready to take a break during your trip? Are you constantly searching for a restaurant that offers freshly cooked food but when you look at prices you are in shock? Are you sick and tired of eating meat and potatoes and would like a healthy meal full of vitamins to help you get through the day? Looking for some colour in your meal?  Come to Good Food! We have a wide variety of meals made fresh from the second you order it. We have three locations in the city of Zagreb that can cater to your needs – Palmotićeva 2, Teslina 7 and Pothodnik in Importanne center.

Good Food


All of our recipes are built around simple ingredients like fruit, vegetables and different types of meat. We co-operate with local bakers, butchers, and grocers bringing the best produce to your meal. We are also vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free friendly. Our mission is to help you eat healthier daily and treat yourself GOOD. Finding the time to make delicious, wholesome meals is hard especially while travelling abroad. We’re changing that- one mouthwatering meal at a time. You can always find something at Good Food whether you are in the mood for a quick snack or a hearty meal.

Good Food


At our Palmoticeva location we have a breakfast menu where you can grab a balance bowl, sunny-side up egg & avocado on toast or if you are not alone our famous Royal Breakfast that serves two.  All of our locations are well-known for our smoothies, and juices to keep you going strong throughout the day.

Good Food


Our salads are legendary in Zagreb. We start to make the salad as soon as you order it because we receive all of our produce daily from local grocers.  We offer craft salad also – for those who would rather eat something more closer to home. You can choose which greens and toppings you want and even name your own salad! For those craving something heartier, we have a strong selection of burgers, tortilla wraps, and sandwiches. Come to Good Food and see that healthy can taste better than you ever thought it would.


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