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Vranyczanyeva 6, Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

Very affordable traditional Zagreb dishes!

Very affordable traditional Zagreb dishes!

At the Zagreb’s Upper Town, where its residents once used to catch witches, today remains only one witch that will take you through the flavors of old Zagreb dishes and to the adventure of the old times! You can meet her every day at Vranyczanyeva street 6, and hers menu will return you to the past and the childhood days!

That only witch which remains is Bistro Vještica (The Witch Bistro), opened for those who want to discover old delicious recipes and the food that was once served on the tables of nobles, witches and citizens of Zagreb. Because all of that and a nostalgic feeling for the old Zagreb dishes,  the owners were encouraged to open this place that serves the amazing ones! And to make their old Zagreb dishes more acceptable for the youths, they´ve given them a more modern attire!

This lovely Zagreb’s story is accompanied with a pleasant and unpretentious interior! The red color dominates in the bistro and its combination with wood provides a warm atmosphere in this little bistro that has only 20 seats!

old zagreb dishes

What was it like at the table of the old Zagreb citizens reveals to us old Zagreb dishes on the menu: cheese and cream, smoked ham hock, cracklings, štrukle, small breads with leek and bacon, grilled sausages with cabbage and braised potatoes or roasted turkey with dumplings! On Saturdays and Sundays you can eat the whole lunch in The Witch Bistro at the price of only 50 kuna!

Come to this bistro with an empty stomach and an open heart, and let this gastronomic witch to cast a spell on you!



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  • Monday 9 h 00 min – 23 h 00 min
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