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Tkalčićeva 15, Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

Glazed tofu, vegan fried rice with plant-based scrambled eggs, steamed buns filled with jackfruit, their signature vegan sushi & more!

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Zagreb has a “new” favorite spot in town – All Saints! This small yet significant restaurant opened its doors, catering to those seeking delicious plant-based meals. Named All Saints, it may remind many of the former steak bar located in Alcatraz on Tkalčićeva Street, but things have drastically changed. 

The same All Saints now carries the addition “powered by it makes sushi” and has become a place that increasingly entices those focused on finally enjoying tasty meat-free dishes.

Owners and Concept

This new venture is the brainchild of Tatjana Švonja and Igor Kočiš, well-known Zagreb food enthusiasts renowned for their sushi and workshops at the Center for Food Culture. This time, they decided to take it a step further and dive headfirst into opening their first restaurant.

The initial idea was to have a dark kitchen for delivery-only dishes. However, an opportunity presented itself with a physical space, and they decided to seize it. Despite the disruption to their previous routine, Tatjana and Igor were grateful for the excellent location and the chance to open their own restaurant.

Expanding the All Saints Menu

The menu at All Saints powered by It Makes Sushi is divided into vegan and meat options, featuring a variety of delectable choices, from ramen to Katsudon, Buddha bowls to gyoza, and of course, their renowned sushi. While meat dishes remain popular, vegan options have become the stars of the menu, surprising and delighting both vegans and meat eaters alike.

Impressive Vegan Offerings

The vegan dishes at All Saints go beyond the ordinary. Glazed tofu, vegan fried rice with plant-based scrambled eggs, steamed buns filled with jackfruit, and their signature vegan sushi are just a few examples of innovative and thoughtfully crafted options. Tatjana, who is responsible for the vegan section, has put considerable effort into creating dishes that are not hastily assembled plates but rather carefully curated combinations.

Praise and Recognition

Since its opening, All Saints powered by It Makes Sushi has garnered praise on social media. The news of this hidden gem with its exceptional vegan offerings has spread rapidly, with many considering it the best vegan restaurant in Zagreb. Customers appreciate the dedication and attention to detail put into both the meat and vegan dishes.

Sustainability and Values

All Saints takes pride in its commitment to sustainability. The restaurant strives to minimize waste and make use of every possible ingredient. They make their own sauces, pasta, oils, and vegan cheeses from scratch, embracing fermentation and homemade techniques. Moreover, the establishment is designed to be eco-friendly, ensuring that guests are not only well-fed but also part of a conscientious dining experience.

Affordability and Accessibility in All Saints

Finally, one of the noteworthy aspects of All Saints powered by It Makes Sushi is its fair pricing. Customers can enjoy a satisfying lunch, including a main course and a beverage for an affordable price. 

All Saints has quickly become a go-to destination for vegans in Zagreb. Give it a try and you’ll definitely understand why!


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