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Vlaška 33, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

Unique combination of catering facility and shop for gourmands

Taste the original Dalmatian prosciutto in the house of prosciutto cheese wine and olives!

A true gourmand knows that the best olive oil is produced in the area around Vodnjan in Istria. The same gourmand will appreciate the extra virgin olive oil from the heart of Dalmatia, and its palates will surely enjoy the taste of Livno cheese. In addition to all that, on gourmand  table you will inevitably find prosciutto and pancetta, and for a complete gastronomic experience, with all of the food that is mentioned above should be served green and black olives. The house of prosciutto cheese wine and olives provides you all that in one place!

While reading this, the true gourmand probably makes its mouth water. That’s why we don´t want to keep you in delirium which is caused by your imagination of these top Croatian delicacies and we´re strongly suggesting  you to head for address in Vlaška street 33 where „The House of Prosciutto, Cheese, Wine and Olives“ is situated.

“Baba Delicacies” is a brand that defines the quality of prosciutto and pancetta. Drniš prosciutto receives the traditional production process which consists ham processing, dry salting, pressing, rinsing, smoking, air drying and the ripening. And all stages in the production of these prosciutto are carried out manually! Cheese dairy “Puđa” is the brand that stands behind the Livno cheese, Dalmatian cheese, goat cheese and a new cheese on the market – „Sveti Roko“. Olive oil from “Oio Vivo” production and that Dalmatian from place Marina near Trogir as well as wines from the entire Croatia you can buy, taste or consume precisely here.

The secret of success of this House is in its unique combination of catering facility and shop for gourmands. It´s very likely that all the food, wines and olive oils you´ve tasted you´ll decide to buy at the end! On grams, kilograms, liters or pieces – it´s up to you!

Homemade and traditional Croatian delicacies from now on you can meet at the same place – in „The House of Prosciutto, Cheese, Wine and Olives“ – a true heaven for genuine gourmands.


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