MiniPolis – The first children’s city in Croatia

Ljubljanska avenija 2b (Z centar), Zagreb

What to expect?

Miniaturized versions of real-world places for your little ones: airports, fire stations, ambulances, post offices, stores, and more!

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MiniPolis is an interactive city for children, but also for their parents and teachers who accompany them in the greatest research adventure of childhood. It consists of forty miniature houses, located on an area of 2,000 square meters, where children learn about more than 50 professions. In this way, children discover and develop their talents, passions and skills.

Just like any fantasy city, MiniPolis has its own airport, fire station, ambulance, post office, store and all the other elements and facilities that make up a city.

Kids in MiniPolis

AIRPORT – A place where little ones become pilots!

The airport is one of the most exciting and popular places in the entire MiniPolis!

The uniforms of the pilots and cabin crew and some parts of the interior of the Airbus A320 were transferred from a real Croatia Airlines plane.

MiniPolis airport

SHOP – One of the most visited and favorite places in MiniPolis!

The archetypal interaction of seller and buyer is one of the most repeated and popular scenarios of children’s games of all generations, including today’s generation of toddlers. The shop in MiniPolis is located on the main city square. It is regularly one of the most visited and favorite places. It is equally attractive to children and parents.

MiniPolis shop

TRAM – One of the attractions that children enjoy the most!

Crotram TMK 2200 in distinctive blue color is the first thing that visitors notice when they arrive at the main square of MiniPolis and the first thing that little ones want to run into!

In this huge didactic and interactive toy, the little ones prefer to be the drivers and ticket controllers. And their passengers are usually their parents.

MiniPolis transport

Mini GoKart Track

A real straight mini go-kart track on the outdoor terrace of MiniPolis! The little ones drive electric Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro karts, and their racing performance is watched by our animators all the time. Mini go-karts are not necessarily fun only for small drivers, but also for their parents, older brothers and sisters. Basically, go-karts can be driven by anyone between 130 and 190 cm tall!

MiniPolis karting

MiniPolis Café & Snack Bar

The most pleasant and comfortable place to relax with a wide range of drinks and sweet/savory snacks, while your children enjoy the attractions. MiniPolis Café is located on the main square of the children’s town and is always in the center of events.

And during sunny and warm days visitors can enjoy it on the outdoor terrace.

MiniPolis caffe

MiniPolis caffe





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