Heraclea buckwheat pillows

Nova Ves 26 Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

Croatian producers; natural-based cosmetics everlasting, honey, propolis, teas, jams of various kinds, soft drinks, handicrafts and pillows stuffed with buckwheat flakes.

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Buckwheat hulls are made by thermicaly husking buckwheat after harvesting/ purifying/ drying.

Dried buckwheat is cooked, steamed, peeled , segregated and purified.

Buckwheat porridge is gluten-free, therefore the hulls are too.

With these purified, dryied and peeled hulls we stuff our pillows made from 100% cotton.

Buckwheat hulls are entirely from local suppliers.

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Buckwheat hulls in pillow allow the air to circulate freely which prevents head sweats. Just try to remember that hot summer night and endless tumbling in effort to fall a sleep.

You can even put pillow in the freezer before going to bed.

People that use pillow regulary feel its benefits, they say they fall a sleep quicker and sleep peacefully.

You can feel more rested than sleeping on a regular pillow.

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Buckwheat hulls are rich in cellulose, they have silicic acid which makes them independent and very clean and in touch with skin very pleasant.

Buckwheat hulls have tendency that under pressure exerted by your head to semi-locks themselves  into place keeping head and spine in right position while allowing air circulation through the pillow.

High concentration of silicic acid prevents development of microorganisms which makes it aseptic, odor-free and antiallergic.

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Buckwheat hulls naturally cool during the summer, and keep you warm during the winter. If you want to, you can keep the pillow in the refridgerator to cool it in addition, or keep it on the radiator to preserve the more heat.

100% buckwheat hulls

100% cotton pillowcase

100% natural product

Hulls are from local suppliers only.

Order now and sleep better.

Buckwheat hulls pillow is economical choice in the long run because they can usually last around 7 years, whereas traditional pillows only last for about 3 years. It is recommended to leave them in the sun once a year for a few hours.


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