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Croata - kravata and other luxurious designed accesorise

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  Welcome to homeland of the cravat!

Revolution in male and female classic fashion by Croata brand!

The first Croata showroom, opened in January 1992 at the Zagreb Kaptol, offered a wide choice of specially designed and handcrafted cravats in limited editions, and aroused great interest in national and international public. In years to come there was almost no relevant media in the world who has not praised the originality of that products and relayed an interesting story of the cravat and its origin. How it all started? Two designers with impeccable taste and with a critical attitude towards the existing tie production decided to make it’s own tie production! Since they was unhappy with the cravat approach and  male and female classic fashion in general – they gave this central classical fashion accessory a new life and brought it back to it’s spiritual roots. Why did they do that? “The cravat as a symbol of these days world’s tie offer had no story in it, no feelings, no spirith and her fashion expression was poor and uninventive. Fashion brands have repeated the same art for decades, instead of emphasizing their personality – have indirectly united the individual. The tie has apparently lost its original function and universal meaning as a symbol. ” Says Marijan Bušić – one of the main Croata designers.croata


All of products are created with loving attention to the detail and handcrafted to perfection thus promoting the centuries old Croatian tradition of silk production and craftsmanship. It is this legacy from the Homeland of the cravat that makes its ties and scarves a unique accessory.

All  stores and their opening hours can be found here!

So, don’t leave Croatia without a necktie from Croata!


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