Cahun hats Zagreb

Pod zidom 8, Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

Hand made hats and caps from all kinds of materials

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Cahun hats Zagreb – hand made hats!

“Every human becomes a man under a hat” – folk proverb

Cahun hats Zagreb – hand made hats like a perfect Zagreb souvenir! The Cahun hats Zagreb family – with eight decades of tradition – kept their position as premium quality hats manufacturers! The Cahun hats opened their first workshop and hats store back in 1935. Now, after eight decades, they are still producing premium quality hats, caps and bandannas for ladies and  gentleman!

Cahun hats is more than an ordinary hat workshop – it contains all Zagreb history and tradition. Cahun hats still has faithful costumers that are coming back for more than 10 – 20 years one after another. Wearing a hat for a a traditional citizen of Zagreb is more than a decoration – it has a cultural and historical significance. The hat was an obligatory companion of many life situations in Zagreb tradition. There was not a human at a funeral or other special occasion without wearing suits, hats and gloves, wearing a hat used to has it’s own meaning. Different types and hat styles were intended for different occasions. It is a surprising fact that one hat from Cahun hats Zagreb lasts more than 50 years because it is still made from top quality materials and techniques.

Cahun hats Zagreb

The secret of their success is in passing  acquired knowledge and skills from older generation to young generation. Their hats have become the recognizable part of cultural and tourist tradition of the Zagreb city. Cahun hats Zagreb custom – made models have now grown from top 20 century hats to the modern 21st-century models made from many different materials, and for various occasions!

Provide your self top – quality and long – lasting hat from Cahun hats familly – a great Zagreb souvenir or gift for your love ones or yourself!


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