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Gajeva 10, Zagreb, Crotatia

What to expect?

Steaks, ribs, few types of burgers, salads, American pancakes and variety of beer.

In Zagreb’s center (Gajeva Street 10) you will find Brewbites Zagreb American Restaurant & Sports Bar. The bar’s offer is mostly American, so a guest may order a typical hamburger, fries or chicken wings, while the TV’s show all important sport events. The bar has 27 TV’s and a projector, that allow guests to watch a programme they want. This is indeed a special offer that allows Brewbites Zagreb to stand out among many other places in Zagreb.

Everything in this place is related to sport. Locals come to drink beer and watch soccer games with their friends. The bar allows also more intimate surrounding in a basement, so if you come with your sweetheart, you’ll have your peace. The bar is 400 square meters big, so you’ll definitely find your spot.

Walls in Brewbites Bar are decorated with many photographs which testifie Croatian rich sports history. You will see other photos that show important sport moments like Diego Maradona’s “handball”.

On the menu you will find not only ingredients list, but also special allergens list, so if you’re allergic to something, it will be much easier to decide what to eat. And the decision is not easy to make since the offer is tempting: steaks, ribs, few types of burgers, salads, American pancakes and variety of beer, of course. If you like good music, good food and enjoy in sports as well, Brewbites Bar will become your daily spot while staying in Zagreb.


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