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Tkalčićeva 45, 10000 Zagreb

What to expect?

All kinds of authentic Croatian brandies and similar (strong) alcoholic drinks

Rakhia bar

Rakhia is Croatian type of brandy. So, as the name says, in Rakhia bar you may expect all kinds of authentic Croatian brandies and similar (strong) alcoholic drinks. The bar is placed in nice looking place in Tkalciceva street 45 in Zagreb, designed as cheerful living room decorated with all kinds of interesting details. In this bar you may taste more than 100 rakhias (brandies) from various Croatian regions – Istria, Dalmatia, Gorski kotar, but they offer some Bosnian strong drinks as well. Some drinks are made with truffles, such as honey liqueur.

When it comes to flavours, the most popular ones are sour cherry, blueberry and plum. Chocolate liqueur is a favorite. Besides that, in Rakhia bar you may try cocktails, hot chocolate, teas and wines. Beverages are affordable (most brandies and liqueurs cost 10 kunas – 1,5 euros).

They have a big terrace that welcomes guests during warm days. When it’s cold, the pleasant interior will provide good evening atmosphere where you can relax, meet new people or just satisfy your couriosity on tasting bar’s offer. If you feel like kissing, the bar has special spots marked as „kissing spots“, so it’s not unusual to catch the locals in romantic moments.


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