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A ‘dump’ that you entered with a smile and left with a broad grin

Music club Jabuka

Music club Jabuka (the Apple) is the oldest club in Zagreb. Founded in February 1968 by a group of enthusiasts, the club became the hub of the local youth organisation by the end of 1970’s. This was a place where you could hear the latest non-mainstream music. It was most famous for starting music trends and for encouraging an independent scene. Music club Jabuka reached a cult status in the 80’s when it was the central meeting point of the underground scene. Different subculture groups met in the Jabuka club from its beginnings, with mostly members of the punk and dark scene in the 80’s. This was the only club that continually operated as one of the best places for alternative and rock music in Croatia, as well as in the region. Music club Jabuka in Jabukovac is a favourite destination for different rock generations – from students to those in “their prime” who have been the inventory of this club from its beginnings.

The dance floor is mostly always full and the drinks are affordable. Its large terrace with old cable car cabins from Sljeme is an excellent place for relaxation and conversation in both summer and winter. Even though Jabuka is just yet another club in Zagreb, it is one that you should give hats off and take a deep bow while entering it and mentioning its name. Just a few clubs in Croatia have managed to operate for 45 years with a consistent programme policy. Clubs succeeding to survive for such a long time can hardly be found in the region or even in the world. To put it simply, loudly and clearly – Music club Jabuka is a rock-club which has never let us down. When everyone else disappointed and changed owners, programme policy, interior, audience and offer, Jabuka has always been and remained a ‘dump’ that you entered with a smile and left with a broad grin. Perhaps the most important influence that Jabuka has is that members of all social subcultures, the “different and the misfits” have always known that Jabuka is a type of ghetto for all of them, a place where no one would tease them or look at them as oddballs, a place they would feel everyone is equal, as in an imaginary world. No matter how pathetic this may sound, that’s the truth which should be nurtured, kept and celebrated.

Usually it´s a free entrance until midnight (except when events or concerts take place) and there are “happy hour” prices on drinks until midnight. After midnight, the entrance is 20 kuna (2,6 euro).


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