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Medvedgrad Brewery Pubs

Medvedgrad brewery pubs are best known pubs in Zagreb. You can taste their own beer served in all of their 3 locations:

  • Ilica Street 49 – true beer oasis in a very center of the city. It has big green terrace that is an excellent place for running away from a city rush.
  • Mali Medo (Tkalčićeva Street 36) – small part of brewery charm in a center of Zagreb. Located in one of the most visited streets in Zagreb, it represents the vivid touristic spot.
  • Samoborska Street 217 – placed next to the brewery, outside the city center, but only 15 minutes away from it. Rustic interior will thrill you.

Medvedgrad Brewery produces beer for more than 2 decades. It’s natural, non filtered, clean and without additives, produced in a traditional way, in cooperation with Czech Beer Institute. Besides beer, they make their own sausages, greaves pastry and rolls plus the menu always offers wide variety of domestic dishes that are prepared with ingredients bought on Zagreb’s marketplaces – from local producers.

In Tkalčićeva street the pub offers pizza as well. When it comes to dishes, we recommend to try domestic pastry, soups, stew, goulash or some custom made dishes. Medvedgrad pubs prepare specialties + affordable salads. For example, the lunchmeal with a salad of your choice (2 dishes from the daily menu) costs less than 5 euros! Beer costs between 1,9 and 2,6 euros per ½ l. The pubs have big salad bars, so you can choose your favorite combination of veggies. Pubs are „dog friendly“ (but pets must be on a leash).

These pubs are well known for beer, of course. One interesting story for you: The news about good beer the Medvedgrad brewery makes were spread throughout Croatia thanks to the students who drank the beer while studying in Zagreb. 🙂 The brewery cooperates with Faculty of Economy (University of Zagreb) where they educate students in elective course Brewery Medvedgrad – consumer attention. Plus, They cooperate with homebrew community.

Medvedgrad brewery pubs offer 5 constant beers and 6 seasonal. For 15 kunas you may order beer samples and try all 5 constant beers. Best sellers can also be bought in shops and pubs offer a take out: six-pack costs 8 euros. But don’t just enter and run away with the beer in your hand – take your time because the atmosphere in their oubs is excellent. They often organize live concerts like gipsy swing, jazz, Irish and traditional Croatian music concerts. The good thing is that they don’t have target guests – all are welcome to enjoy in the pleasant atmosphere.

And if you visit Medvedgrad brewery pubs, you’ll get the chance to beat the Medvedgrad’s king or a queen by drinking beer fast. Girls drink 0,3 l and boys 0,5 (the actual record for 0,5 l is 2,88 sec). Each year the pubs organize St. Patrick’s Day parties, in September pubs organize open doors day when you can visit the brewery and if you come in December, you may celebrate their birthday.

With a prior notice, you may visit the brewery located at Samoborska cesta. Soon they plan to open a souvenir shop where visitors will be able to buy beer souvenirs and beer as well. The interesting thing is that they produce their own tools and machines for boiling and botteling beer, as well as wooden furniture placed in all the pubs. When it comes to interior, let us mention that pubs combine the style of traditional Bavarian pubs and a local style of decorating. The interiors are very pleasant, filled with original oak furniture, which makes Medvedgrad brewery pubs recognizable.

Brewery’s name and also names they give to their beer are directly related to tales and Zagreb’s history. Visit the pubs and find out more. Here are some interesting facts:

  • Medvedgrad brewery is the oldest Zagreb’s craft brewery
  • They are pioneers in craft brewing in Croatia
  • They have produced the first Croatian wheat beer (Two ears of corn)
  • They have produced the first Croatian IPA beer (Fakin)
  • The brewery produce the strongest Croatian beer – it has 7.5% alcohol (Grič witch)
  • Well known website Ratebeer named them the best Croatian brewery in 2014.
  • On Trip Advisor all the pubs have Certificate of Excellence


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