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Dubravkin trg 3, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

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Craft beer bar

Hop In Craft Beer Bar

Craft beer pub in Zagreb!

Just a few minutes away from the main Zagreb bus terminal, there is a new shelter for craft beer lovers in the city – Hop In Craft Beer Bar. Due to the increasing popularity of craft beers, they are more and more represented on the menus of various bars in Zagreb. And Hop In Craft Beer Bar stands out with, in our terms, a large selection of draft craft beers in their offer!

The owners of the Hop In Craft Beer Bar are beer enthusiasts and a former homebrewers who´re backed with the army of beer lovers, whose main mission is to promote the Croatian craft beer scene and the culture of beer drinking! The Hop In Craft Beer Bar wants to be a place where you can drink the best Croatian craft beer! By doing that, their special emphasis is on the large selection of their draft beers!

Hop In Craft Beer Bar has 50 seats in its interior and is offering large selection of draft craft beers and a huge selection of bottled that comes with free peanuts. On its offer is just what the owners are considering excellent! First, the beer must appeal to them, to possibly end up on the menu! The advantage is thereby given to the Croatian craft beers! What sets them apart from the competition is the ability to order a combination of four testers per 0,15L that allows you to simultaneously test several different beers and at the end choose your favorite one!

Industrial design in the Hop In Craft Beer Bar is manifested in its best form through its black and gray color, the open tubes, lots of wood details and hanging lamps above the walls. All these details are putting the focus on what is most important – the ingredients of which is beer beeing made! Cool decoration of the interior, relaxed team and the premium beers are makes this bar a truly interesting place in Zagreb!

The music that dominates from the speakers is rock and roll! In the future Hop In Craft Beer Bar plans to enrich its program with pub quizzes, concerts and lectures about beer and beer culture.

In the Hop In Craft Beer Bar you can taste some special coffee from the local roasting plant “Lively Roasters’, which is so good that it´s recommended to drink without sugar and milk in order to fully enjoy all its flavors and aromas.

Hop in to the Hop In Craft Beer Bar, taste the best Croatian craft beers and support local craft beer scene!


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