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Ilirski trg 1 adresa Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

Cofee bar, gathering place with tradition.

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Cafe Palainovka one of the oldest coffee shops in Zagreb

Next to the oldest school building in Zagreb, former Upper Town elementary school for boys, and today the Observatory, at the end of city fortresses is situated one of the oldest Zagreb coffee shops – Cafe Palainovka.

Cafe Palainovka, was opened in 1847 and has been the only one cafe in Zagreb north of Ilica street. Almost a century later, in 1945, Cafe Palainovka was closed and re-opened in the mid 70s of last century when it became a popular gathering place for students.

165 years after the first opening, the iconic Cafe Palainovka on Zagreb’s Upper Town appeared in a completely new look!

The guiding principle of interior design was simplicity, and the connection between present and past time, with few antique details, like old bicycle – the symbol of Cafe, at the bar, or the antique clock on the ceiling. Image of the traditional gathering place of intellectuals is indelible regardless of socio-technological progress and the occasional decorative interventions. Cult Cafe feeds the soul of many Zagreb’s brains for a century and a half, but with new and refreshing decor that number will certainly grow in the future.

Today Cafe Palainovka is a spacious, refreshing and modern coffee bar with a beautiful terrace. Once popular meeting place of students nowdays also offer an evening program for the youth. Enjoy!


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