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Bogovićeva 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

What to expect?

Huge beer and wine offer, daily fresh food and exquisite coffee.

Bulldog Pub Zagreb favourite spot in Zagreb for a pub-style and friendly fun experience!

Bulldog Pub Zagreb is nr. 1 spot in Zagreb for a pub-style and friendly fun experience. They have huge beer and wine offer, daily fresh food and excuisite coffee – all that in a center of the city (on Bogoviceva street 6). In the evening, Bulldog Pub is being transformed into a club when you can listen to rock, soul, blues and jazz. The club is known as cool spot for live music concerts.

The interior charmingly combines industrial lightning, romantic benches, vintage tables and cute details + photos bought on flea markets. Daily fresh flowers from the Dolac market wait each guest on the table.

The Bulldog Pub Zagreb follows new gastro trends and offers food prepared as in other European and world metropolis. The menu is being refreshed on a daily basis. All kinds of delicious surprises are prepared in Bulldog’s kitchen, and ingredients are purchased from Dolac as well – all fresh and domestic. The idea is to start a meal with ginger and bread soup, take good pasta and then continue with steak prepared with figs and wasabi. Or you may take big juicy burger – one of the best in Zagreb. To finish the mail, order chocolate mousse or French pies such as blueberry or a lemon pie.


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