Zadar pancake bar Slatka Tajna

Ulica Miroslava Krleže 3a, 23000 Zadar, Croatia

What to expect?

90 home made delicious pancakes in their offer

Zadar pancake bar Slatka Tajna

Most popular place for pancakes in the city is Zadar pancake bar Slatka Tajna. The main reasons for that is taste of domestic pancake that are made like a pure taste fantasy!

Zadar Pancake bar Slatka tajna is located at Miroslav Krleža Street 3a, nearby Vruljica Park, Marina Zadar and Coast of Prince Trpimir. You will not have any problem in finding Slatka tajna because everyone in Zadar knows where is it.

Zadar Pancake bar Slatka Tajna

Why is it special?
Slatka tajna, which literally means „sweet secret“, was opened in 2013 by young enthusiast with a help of her friends. She was missing a pancake bar in Zadar where she used to go and wanted to create a place affordable for young people and students. For a long time, Slatka tajna was only place in Zadar where you could eat different pancakes! Now things have changed, but Slatka tajna remain the most popular place for pancakes in the city. One of the main reasons for that is definitely taste of their homemade pancakes. They do not use any instant pancake mixes! Pancake fillings and mousses are also homemade. Atmosphere in this Zadar Pancake bar is great, completely friendly and the staff is really nice. All employees work together in creating new pancakes and menu by tasting pancakes and giving their opinon and advice. But, in creating new pancakes they also consider appetites and advices from their guests. In this Zadar Pancake bar they do not believe in delivery because pancakes are the best when they are fresh and warm! They also gave up on table reservations because all guests are equally important for them.
The most interesting day in Zadar Pancake bar Slatka tajna is Valentine’s day when they even had marriage proposals.

Zadar Pancake bar Slatka Tajna

Offer and prices
Today they have 90 pancakes in their offer! You can choose between sweet, salty, American and Dutch pancakes. You can also create you own pancake, but their combinations are already perfect so there is no need to do that! Every pancake cost 27 HRK (3,60 EUR). Drinks are also inexpensive. Interesting thing about the drinks is that they do not have alcohol, except beers and they do have chocolate milk. Every week this Zadar pancake bar has some new special offers and special prices so you can get some drinks even cheaper!

Zadar Pancake bar Slatka Tajna

When you consider the offer, taste, prices and the atmosphere it is completely normal that this place has some kind of cult status in Zadar. If you know some Zadar locals, they will probably take you to the Slatka tajna Pancake bar which is right thing to do when you have guests in Zadar.

P.S. You can find another Slatka tajna Bar in the city center, nearby University of Zadar!


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