VEG SPLIT – Plant-Based Meals (100% vegan)

Ujevićeva poljana 5, 21000, Split

What to expect?

Plant-based wraps, burgers, ice cream, oatmeal, and more. All 100% vegan.

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VEG  SPLIT – Plant-Based Meals (100% vegan)

Anyone who says that love goes through the stomach is absolutely right. The evidence is the VEG SPLIT – Plant-Based Meals (100% vegan) restaurant in Split – a true oasis of healthy food. But in this case, the love goes to ourselves because the fact is that we are what we eat. Our body creates new cells right from the food we eat. Therefore, our warm recommendation is VEG restaurant, which has made sure to provide us with a healthy and colorful selection of 100% vegan dishes.

Dedicated & Healthy

What makes this restaurant different is the commitment to healthy eating. Their food and groceries are healthy, high quality, and homemade. Are you a vegetarian, a food adventurer or you are in for summer? Have you done fitness training or you are on the beach and you want something light and digestive? Or maybe your health requires a change in diet? In any case – be sure that VEG is the ideal choice for you. Here you will be greeted by hardworking and friendly staff who will help you with your choice.

The Offer

Their offer consists of raw dishes (salads, wraps, smoothies, soups…), hot dishes (stews, soups, risottos, fažol, lasagna …), healthy desserts (raw cakes and ice cream based on olive oil …) but also vegan variations of dishes from our region such as sarma.

Something Sweet

They make their own ice cream toppings, using 100% pure nut paste, pastry burgers made from spelt flour, and milk and sauces, all exclusively from organic ingredients. During lunch, you will find cooked dishes, and in the afternoon and evening fast food. For breakfast, you can try the best omelet in town, Frittata, tofu, or you can enjoy healthy oatmeal.

They are recognized by foreign, domestic, and local people immediately after the opening. They have been operating successfully for the fourth year in a row and are already, at the request of customers, planning to expand their business to the islands. They consider it most important to invest in both products and the people who work. They are happy to listen to the requests of their customers as well as advise and turn them into their strengths.

You can enjoy the food inside the restaurant, but also outside. They also achieve high popularity and ratings through food delivery applications: Glovo, Wolt, and Bolt. Follow their story posts of satisfied guests and feel free to join them and tag them on your own story. Also, on their website, you will find the current offer for outside.



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