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Ul. Josipa Jovića 93, 21000, Split

What to expect?

A team of top experts, the best service and sincere care.

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Dentelli Dental Clinic Split – more than a smile

Dentelli Dental Clinic Split* is far more than a dental office in the city of Split. It is a team of top experts and prominent names of Croatian dental medicine committed to providing service of the highest quality. Professionalism, expertise, and individual approach to each patient are just some of the pillars of their work.

Dentelli Dental Clinic Split

Top service provider

Medical tourism in Croatia is becoming more and more important because they are being recognized in the world for top quality, price, and also top service providers.
Special attention is drawn to dental clinics.
The city of Split does not hide its satisfaction with the professional service of the “Dentelli” team that cares
for the health of their teeth, but also brings back the confidence. Enthusiasm is not hidden by foreign clients, and despite Covid’s limitations, in the last two years, the Dentelli team has been visited by numerous clients from the world capitals such as London, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Manchester, Berlin, Rome, Los Angeles, Miami, etc. Given the professionalism they offer,  it is no wonder that the number of people wearing the new Dentelli smile is constantly on the rise.

Dentelli Dental Clinic Split

More than a smile

Dentelli is the warmest recommendation because it allows them all dental services in one place. They use the top technology
and materials. The ambiance is extremely pleasant and the staff is very friendly.

Here they will first establish a proper diagnosis, take a 3D print of the teeth, clean and polish them, put or restore fillings, extract a tooth under local anesthesia, place
mobile or fixed braces etc.

Hollywoord smile

It is known that a smile, today, is the crown of facial beauty and that is why it is the most popular treatment is converting smiles into Hollywood smiles with the help of dental veneers as well as placement of ceramic crowns. Professional teeth whitening treatment here costs around 300 euros. Other frequently requested services are:
German quality implants as well as the replacement of missing teeth with a bridge. There are also more demanding procedures such as bone loss, becoming increasingly popular ALL ON FOUR, ALL ON SIX methods of implant placement on edentulous bone used in case a longer-term solution is desired than a classic prosthesis. If the installation is not possible due to a lack of teeth then are used partial metal or telescopic dentures.

Dentelli Dental Clinic Split

Digital smile design

To make sure you get the perfect smile, Dentelli offers its special tool called Digital smile design that allows a detailed digital view of the creation of your future
teeth on the computer, all in agreement with you.
Due to the fact that each tooth is different and requires special treatment here, you will feel genuine care and an individual approach to each client. That’s why X-rays and consultations are free, and clients receive a guarantee for the services. The children are their special clients who demand a different approach, the imaginative one. Therefore, they will be greeted in a playroom waiting room, and for their bravery, they will be rewarded with a small gift from the gift box.

Dentelli Dental Clinic Split

The location

The Dentelli Clinic is located in the largest shopping center in Split “Mall of Split” on the top floor of the garage where a large free car park is provided for your car.

A prime location in the shopping center itself allows you to do the treatment and then you can go down and walk to famous shops or do regular shopping.
In order to make it easier for foreign clients to get the necessary information about all services, the website is available in several languages.
All in all, rest assured that the Dentelli team will meet all your expectations and return a smile on your face.





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