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What to expect?

The adrenaline stadium tour on the Poljud.

Skywalk Poljud fun adventure in Split

Experience the culture, the architecture, and the history in this unforgettable, fun adventure ahead. Visit Skywalk Poljud.

Adrenaline Rush in Split

Visit behind the scenes of the Stadium, using service paths and catwalks high above the field, made publicly accessible exclusively for this tour. Along the tour, you will realize the stadium’s global architectural importance. Also, you will discover the recent architectural history of Split and its development from socialism into present-day democracy. Intertwined, you will hear a history of the local century-old soccer club Hajduk and its dedicated supporter group, Torcida.

Skywalk Poljud

Experience the culture, the architecture, the history in this unforgettable, fun adventure ahead.

The stadium, the soccer team, and its fans are, in many ways, the beating heart of Split, and lie at the center of a thousand fascinating and unlikely tales.
Experience the culture, the architecture, the history in this unforgettable, fun adventure ahead.

At the end of the tour, you have the option to take an exciting 70-meter free-fall rope swing over the soccer pitch, to cap off the thrills of the day. The rope swing jump is entirely up to you, but in any case, you’ll be leaving this tour as a winner.

Have fun & take pictures

Skywalk Poljud is an exclusive 90+ minute rooftop walk on the via ferrata, which doesn’t require any special skills or experience.

It is a personalized tour, serving 8 participants at most, for your maximum privacy and enjoyment.

P.S. Bring your camera!

Charge your phone batteries and make space for your best photos yet! Make sure to bring a camera or a smartphone, as you’ll definitely want to capture countless frames of the inspiring 360° panoramic views – Marjan hill, Kaštela bay and the city, as well as the famous soccer pitch from above.

For this tour you will pay 490 HRK (cca 65 €) per person.

Tours are scheduled from 8:00 to 18:00, but are subject to change. For availability information, please contact directly on +385 95 5642 078 & +385 91 5382 585 or

This is truly a unique experience that will keep you smiling for days.


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