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What to expect?

Sport, adrenaline, science fiction.

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Laser Tag Split – Poljud

You’re a fan of sports, adrenaline, but also science fiction? You’re in Split and want to try something else but fun? Don’t worry, the Laser Tag Team will take care of that.

laser tag split

First adrenaline attraction in Split

Here you can play modern paintball using lasers in a huge spaceship. The space itself is 800 qm big. Be ready to walk in the dark with your laser gun. The fog is lighted with UV lights and there are special sound and light effects. It’s so much fun to get lost in the labyrinths and don’t get surprised if the whole experience reminds you of the popular show “Star Track”.

laser tag split

Rules of the game

You will get a vest and a gun that shoots infrared lights, which are harmless. There are sensors on the props and if you are shot, and you certainly will be, you will feel the vibration on the vest with the accompanying sound effects. Lives are limited, and when you lose them all you fall out of the game. The winner is the one who achieves the most points or the only survivor. You don’t have to worry about points because the computer, which is connected to sensors keeps records for you. But it’s not about the points – it’s about the fun! We recommend dressing comfortably, and that means sneakers. You can play individually or in teams. You can, but you don’t need to know the players. New acquaintances are arealways welcome. It is possible to participate in the game without a reservation. But if you bring a team then you choose which game mode you want to play, and there are six: color ranked, solo, solo elimination, team, team elimination, and vampires. The game lasts 15 minutes, and the promotional price is 30 HRK. The only condition is that you must be at least 120 cm tall and older than 6 years.



The rules and explanations as well as the price list can be found on their website.  Reservations are possible by calling: +385 91 973 1198,
via the WhatsApp app or by sending an email inquiry via the contact form.

Feel free to follow them on
Instagram: @lasertagsplit, TikTok, or Facebook.

The Laser Tag arena is located below the east stand of the Poljud stadium, more precisely at the entrance
marked with the letter M. You can check the video on the website. It is important to note that in the case of the match at Poljud, the Laser tag arena will not work.

This game is suitable for all ages, for younger and older generations. It is also an ideal choice for teambuilding. It is possible to rent an arena for your team of at least 10 people. A birthday package for children is also available with an animator included.


The Laser Tag is definitely a sensation in the city under Marjan. Therefore, do not miss to experience a good dose of fun. We’re sure you’ll want to come again.





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