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A perfect place for souvenir shopping. Croatia in a Box gift box is a selection of the best Croatian products - very luxurious and sophisticated package, combining Croatian and Mediterranean visual elements, and inside you will discover the best elements that Croatian cuisine, design and culture.

Croatia in a Box is a selection of the best Croatian products. But, it’s not your ordinary, typical gift box.

First of all, it is a very luxurious and sophisticated package, designed by combining Croatian traditional visual elements and the colors of the Mediterranean: architectural details, folk ornaments and costumes, everyday objects and even contemporary Croatian art, in a great looking present. As for the content, inside you will discover the best elements that Croatian cuisine has to offer, plus design and culture.

After you open the box, you can start a memorable journey through the culinary and cultural identity of the various regions of Croatia with a limited edition of appetizing gems that will surely bring joy to the sender as well as to the recipient of the package: knowingly selected Croatian wines, brandies, cheese, jams, desserts… and other mouthwatering delicacies. It will be the experience that will truly captivate all your senses (instagram).

Make yourself, or someone very dear to you, really happy with Croatia in a Box, the finest selection of unique traditional products carefully packed in a box full of natural goodness – open and taste the best of Croatia!

The Croatia in a Box venture by the food curators, trained economists with a gastronomic bent, Anatolij Lazinica and Sanja Milardovic Lazinica is deeply rooted in the family heritage of food production.

Sanja’s people have been making authentic Pag cheese for a number of generations while Anatolij stems from an olive-producing family in Skradin. Their personal experience has taught them that they feel closest to their friends and family while sharing meals, particularly those enhanced by food and drink of the highest quality.

They want to convey this experience of connectedness through the enjoyment of food to others, curating the finest products from the Croatian offering of food and drink from small, independent producers. The meticulously chosen contents are not only a reflection of the gastronomic character of the Croatian regions; they are part of the Mediterranean lifestyle, a hint of a wider productive practice.

Shop is located just few meters away from the Saint Vitus cathedral in Rijeka`s old town.


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