MEMO Museum Pula

Scalierova 4, 52100 Pula, Croatia

What to expect?

See, touch and take pictures of the exhibits to go back in time.

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MEMO Museum Pula

Museum of Good Memories: Pula from the 50s to late 80s

The MEMO Museum Pula was founded as one of the activities of the cultural-educational association Institut Mediterran. The museum itself is an interactive, multimedia museum opened in 2018. It covers the total space of more than 200 square meters. The museum aims to present the everyday life of the citizens of Pula in the period from the beginning of the ’50s to the late ’80s of the 20th century.


The Museum is organized into three sections (a street, a town square, and an apartment). The goal, first of all, is that the visitors dive into the life of the average family in Pula of that time through a variety of everyday items such as the old car “Fićo”, black and white television, gramophone, old computers, typewriters, sewing machines, and hair dryer hood called “hauba”, to really feel the soul of ancient times.

What is special about this museum is that, in contrast to the classic exhibitions in museums, we allow the visitors (and even encourage them) to touch the exhibits, open drawers and cabinets, try on the clothes, take photos under „hauba“, play basketball or some old computer games,  or even sit behind the wheel of “Fićo”

Back in time

The purpose of the museum is not only to remind the visitors who lived through those times of the things they used then, but above all to show to younger generations how their parent’s and grandparents’ youth looked like.

Further more, we believe that by giving out visitors an opportunity to have immediate interaction with the exhibits we actually give them an opportunity to feel how our ancestors lived.

This museum is certainly worth a visit!


Working Hours

Currently closed for individual visitors, for groups open by prior arrangement.

From 01/04 open in forenoon; in the summer, from the middle of June, and the whole July and August open from 09:00 till 22:00.


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