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Carrarina street 3, 52100 Pula

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Best preserved monuments and traces of different civilizations that passe trough Istria

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Archaeological Museum of Isria

Visit and experience the Istrian history trought traces of various cultures and civilisations in Archaeological Museum of Isria

Come in Archaeological Museum of Istria end experience the Istrian history thank to the time graph, collection of fossile records and a picturesque view of the Istrian development. Exciting archaeological finds with an explanation are interesting to historians and other fans of history and cultural heritage.

Archaeologial Museum of Istria

Archaeological Museum of Istria will teach you more about Istrian history trought numerous traces of various cultures and civilizations. Prehistoric remains are enough for you to see how prehistoric inhabitants (Histri) used to live in Istria. Here you will experience the culture and everyday life of Ancient Rome throught numeruous tombstones, and honorary monuments. Vou will also see the remains of Christian, Byzantine and Franciscan culture through mosaics and the remains of architectural monuments. Archaeological Museum of Istria is located on more than one location – inside of Amphitheater and on the hill above Hercules and Twin doors of Pula. If you decide to visit Amphitheater you can experience live of ancient  Rome trough well preserved monuments and crafts, interior of famous Arena and you can also visit the most great summer spectacle – gladiatour fight that plays every summer in Arena. Visit and experience the famous ancient Rome history.


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