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Flanatička street 16, 52100 Pula, Croatia

What to expect?

Fine dining, dishes prepared according to local recipes with innovation of modern cuisine

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Restaurant Kantina Pula

Best local food in Pula – traditional  food  refreshed with culinary innovations!

Restaurant Kantina Pula offers a lot of simple local food prepared in many different ways. What can you expect here? Above all: variety of local food with lots of innovation of modern cuisine.

Kantina Pula

Meat dishes

First of all, simple meat dishes that you can eat almost everywhere are certainly prepared on interesting and innovative ways with a lot of unusual contributions. Furthermore, you can also try combinations of meat and fruits  – like pork steak in Istrian bacon with apple and bean sauce. Maybe you will be interested in Istrian tombolo (pork loin) and sausages in pear and potatoes cream with wine – jelly on top of it? Finally, be free to gladden your palate.


Kantina Pula

Vegetarian dishes

Furthermore, vegetarian dishes of the restaurant Kantina in Pula are also interesting. Maybe you would like to try leek and potato soup, with grilled sesame for an appetizer? Also, fried zucchini with carrot cream and another dessert after it?

A delightful feel

Even more, in the menu you can find tasty indigents such as pumpkins, creme made of fruits and plenty of vegetables. Local Istrian food is so well prepared that it is hard to believe in its origin and simplicity. The restaurant is located near city center Pula – on the most crowded Pula street – Flanatička. Therefore, this is certainly a good choice for fine dining – lunch or rather dinner. Most noteworthy is that on the terrace you can have a rest, have another drink and also eat something sweet.

Hence: You certainly can’t go wrong with this choice.



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