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Narodni trg 6, Pula, Croatia

What to expect?

Savor Istrian and modern cuisine made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

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Last year, the cult tavern Pjero Istrian Gourmet (aka “Kod Pjera“) located in Pula’s bustling market was given a new lease on life by its enthusiastic owner, Josip Tirić. This iconic place has served as a gathering place for many important figures during history. And it’s exciting to see it restored and modernized for a new generation!

The tavern has undergone a renovation, but its main purpose remains the same. It’s here to offer mouth-watering snacks, lunches, and top-notch dinners.

Let’s find out more about this unique spot.

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A Place of History

“Pjero Istrian Gourmet” truly has its own story. The previous owner was Petar Maras, whom everyone called Pjero. 

Pjero took over the tavern in 1937 from the Italian Pergolis, who opened it on this spot back in 1904. In the evening hours, he offered mainly a seafood menu, bream, sea bass, dentex, gray mullet, mussels, scampi on buzara, and lobsters. 

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The place was also known for good wine, and Pjero was an expert on that matter. He even went to Venice to get wine, and after the war, he focused on Istrian cellars, which were still called “cantine sociali.”

Istrian Authentic Dishes Prepared with Fresh Ingredients

The new owner decided that “Pjero Istrian Gourmet” will be a place for delicious homemade food. So, today the restaurant offers breakfast, snacks, a refrigerated showcase with sandwiches, tacos, canapés, as well as lunches and dinners. 

The menu mainly consists of Istrian authentic dishes prepared from ingredients from the nearby market. Also, the restaurant offers fish, meat, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables, as well as sliced prosciutto and everything that can be found at the market from Pula breeders and producers at that moment.

Source: Tripadvisor

Feel the Gastro Magic in Pula

Pjero Istrian Gourmet is open from 7 am to 10 pm every day, except Sunday when they’re closed. It has plenty of space on the premises. So, everyone who wants to eat well in a pleasant environment, in a place with the soul, is more than welcome.

There’s not much left to say – we encourage you to visit this place and feel its magic by yourself. Pjero’s long history and tradition, combined with the new owner’s modernization and adaptation to the new times, will make you fall in love as soon as you step through the door.


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