Piantina Fine Fast Food PulaRestaurants

Zadarska ulica 1, 52100 Pula, Croatia

What to expect?

Fresh local grill meat and burgers an sandwiches, healthy salads and smoothies, protein shake and home made bread

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Piantina Fine Fast Food Pula

BEST FINE FAST FOOD IN PULA – Piantina Fine Fast Food Pula

Why Piantina fine fast food is best fast food in Pula? Because it provides a wide selection of tasty and healthy hamburgers or sandwiches made of 100% beef meat bought from local producers.  Breakfast in fine fast food Piantina Pula is excellent choice for hot summer days – healthy sandwiches, fresh juices or smoothies  are good for waking up or detox. Pleasant and refreshing ambiance of Piantina fine fast food looks modern – wooden furniture and green plants prevail over the place. You can eat on terrace or just take some food to go.

Piantina Fine Fast Food Pula

Piantina Fine Fast Food Pula is best place for healthy and tasty street food in Pula. Offer of fine fast food Piantina in Pula abounds with local fresh Istrian meat (beef, Istrian bacon – panceta), fresh salads and vegetables, smoothies and protein shakes for healthy breakfast. Sandwiches and burgers in fine fast food Piantina are different from others because it contains various ingredients such as: domestic meat, crunchy bacon, zucchini, smoked domestic cheese, and rest of fresh vegetables arranged according to the innovative ideas of chefs. There also a choice  of sauces made by local Mediterranean herbs. That’s why each burger or sandwich in fast food Piantina is different, but there’s also different type of burger menus (such as XL burger menu) like burger and fries added in combination. Have a nice healthy burger-day in Piantina Pula. Buon apetite!


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