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What to expect?

Great food and lovely atmosphere.

Konoba Essenza

Experience the unforgettable moments in a romantic atmosphere of the Konoba Essenza. 

Konoba Essenza

Traditional Istrian cuisine

First of all, Konoba Essenza is located on the entrance in Pula. Also, it is nearby the lovely Šijana Forest (“Šijanska šuma”). Therefore, the best thing about the location is that it is far away from the city crowd. This place is certainly worth visit. They will make your stay unforgettable. Their staff is professional and friendly. Furthermore, this simple and romantic place offers you excellent food.

The menu

Here you can try delicious traditional dishes with a bit of modern touch.

First of all, for appetizers, you can try different meals. Some of them: beefsteak carpaccio, Istrian prosciutto, fresh salmon with avocado tartare or octopus salad. And also, they offer different soups and homemade pasta.

Furthermore, for the main dish, try different steaks (we could not decide which one is the best), beefsteak or rib eye steak. And the fish is also great.

Finally, the desserts are equally good! Enjoy cakes, sweet ravioli or lavender and honey semifreddo.

Enjoy your time

If you are spending your holiday in Istria – this is certainly a place to visit!

First of all, this lovely place is definitely an excellent choice. It’s great because of bonding with friends. And also for spending time with your family. Furthermore, if you want to take out your better half to a romantic dinner! Konoba Essenza is an amazing place for all kinds of occasions. Its romantic and cozy atmosphere is great.  Enjoy Mediterranean food and Istrian cuisine. Finally, while there, don’t miss the lovely fireplace! It is most noteworthy! It is a must see.

Above all, relax and enjoy a romantic lunch or dinner even more. As a result, this local food combined with modern techniques will certainly make you come back again.




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