Bistro Alighieri PulaRestaurants

Danteov Trg 3, 52100 Pula, Croatia

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Best fresh daily offer for brunch, lunch and dinner in Pula

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Bistro Alighieri Pula

Best fresh daily offer you can find in Pula city center is in Bisto Alighieri Pula

 Dining restaurant in the center of Pula with best fresh daily offer for brunch, lunch and dinner. Bistro Alighieri Pula serves various meals every day –  there’s a huge variety of dishes so you can choose between any types of meat, pasta or vegetarian dishes. Alighieri is also known for its delicious cakes – you can taste cakes prepared of chocolate, fruits  or cheese. Dare to try the best recipes of the house. Bistro Alighieri is familiar and popular among locals for a quality and variety daily offer. Locals prefer Bistro Alighieri Pula for lunch or brunch, but also for cakes! Variety of bidding make your decision hard,  there’s lot of fine and different dishes on the menu, depends what kind of food do you prefer. Alighieri offers a good selection of vegetarian food, pasta  and meat dishes.

Bistro Alighieri Pula

Varied vegetarian rags or pasta with truffle sauce are a good and inexpensive choice. Every summer you can enjoy tasty and refreshing cocktails, let the waiter enjoy the news! Not in the lunch mood? Want eat something fast and healthier than ordinary sandwich or a hamburger? And have some drink with it? We recommend you to try homemade pates  – especially tartar beef! Tartar beef is traditional Istrian meal – it is made of beef meet and has lot spices inside. It si best to combine it with a butter and spread it on crunchy fresh bread. For better taste have a glass of vine with tartar pate, and take a salad. You are not going to regret after that slow – Mediterranean – brunch style!  If you spend your day walking all over the town, then you can have the best brunch in Alighieri – you can take a short brake for meal or you can come here and enjoy the long lunch or diner with more food sequences…


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