Da Rocco Tavern: A Taste of Istria’s Culinary HeritageRestaurants

52208, Krnica

What to expect?

An authentic Istrian cuisine, a cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and the must-try "Maneštra" stew.

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Da Rocco Tavern, located in the picturesque town of Krnica Marčana in Istria offers a truly memorable dining experience. Try delicious regional dishes with centuries-old culinary traditions. Come for the cuisine and stay for the charm of this quaint spot.

Da Rocco Tavern Interior

Da Rocco Tavern

The Specialty Dish: Maneštra

Maneštra is a hearty stew of white beans slow-cooked with dried meat, bone, and a range of spices. Preparing this meal requires careful consideration — the beans need to be boiled and washed before you add them to the mix of ingredients, which include salt, pepper, onion, pancetta, garlic, and more. These ingredients cook on low heat for at least two hours. And then you get a flavorful dish full of rich aromas and savory depths.

Istrian Maneštra

Istrian Maneštra

The Flavor and Appeal

Both locals and tourists absolutely adore Maneštra. But that’s not unusual at all because creamy and tender beans with delicious meat are so tasty!

Whether you need a warm meal on a chilly day or just something delicious for lunch or dinner, Maneštra fits the bill. Be sure to try it at Da Rocco Tavern for an unforgettable experience!

Da Rocco Tavern’s Atmosphere and Menu

Da Rocco Tavern is an exquisite restaurant that embraces the rich history and culture of Istria in its decor. Upon entering, guests will feel a welcoming ambience, courtesy of the lovingly-restored historic building and cozy lighting. The menu shines with traditional Istrian dishes, ranging from meats to seafood and vegetables. 

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable so you can expect great service and recommendations.

When we sum it all up, Da Rocco Tavern is an outstanding spot for those wanting an authentic taste of Istrian cuisine – in particular its signature dish, Maneštra.

So plan your next Sunday lunch here and enjoy quality time with your loved ones!


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