Batelina Tavern: A Fish Lover’s Paradise in IstriaRestaurants

Čimulje 25, Banjole, 52100, Croatia

What to expect?

A menu focused on fresh daily catches and creative seafood dishes.

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Batelina Tavern is a popular restaurant located in Banjole, near Medulin, in the beautiful region of Istria, Croatia. It is one of the most visited restaurants in the area. Regardless of the season, you will need to make a reservation several days in advance, especially on weekends. The restaurant is popular for its creative starters, which are designed by the amazing chef and owner, David Skoko.

Batelina Tavern

Batelina Tavern / Source: Jutarnji list

Fresh Fish and Traditional Recipes

Istria’s location on the Adriatic coast allows for a steady supply of fresh fish and seafood from the sea. Moreover, the region’s rich cultural heritage offers fantastic traditional recipes. The Batelina Tavern offers a unique fusion of these two elements, resulting in some of the best seafood dishes in the region.

The Venetian Recipe of Lightly Fried Sardines

Since the days of the Venetian Republic, the people of Istria have been familiar with the Venetian recipe of lightly fried sardines marinated in onion and vinegar. However, the Venetian variety of the dish was expensive, and so the humble Istrians needed to make some modifications.

They created a slightly different recipe using household ingredients such as fresh Mediterranean herbs instead of pine nuts and raisins, and red wine vinegar instead of white wine vinegar. The result is a unique and delicious dish full of nutritional qualities.


Savour / Source: Jutarnji list

Menu Highlights of Batelina Tavern

At Batelina Tavern, you can enjoy a wide variety of fish and seafood dishes. However, some of the most popular ones include salted anchovies with young onions, excellent carpaccio of sea bream, and their version of ceviche made from the same fish. The restaurant is also famous for its legendary sea bream skin chips and horse mackerel fillets in citrus juice. Finally, there are delicious classic horse mackerel with sweet red shallots and eel pâté.

Konoba Batelina is a paradise for fish lovers and seafood enthusiasts. Its charming setting, fresh ingredients, and traditional recipes create a memorable dining experience. The restaurant only opens at 5 pm, and it’s advisable to bring cash as they do not accept credit cards. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to make a reservation and enjoy some of the best seafood dishes that Istria has to offer.


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