Destilerija Krulčić local Istrian brandy

Lindar 126/b Pazin - Istra

What to expect?

At the Destilerija Krulčić, the brand's values are deeply rooted in authenticity, tradition, and excellence

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Destilerija Krulčić – The KRULČIĆ family distillery has been operating since 2006, close to Lindar, an ancient town with a long history and rich tradition, from which there is a wide view of the hills crowned by Pazin, the heart of the Habsburg County for centuries.

The slopes that encompass the view are suitable for growing vines. That’s why it became the birthplace of Teran, Malvasia, and other noble varieties from which the “Krulčić” distillery, cherishing tradition, produces unique brandies and liqueurs of the highest quality. The brand story of the Krulčić distillery is rooted in family tradition, craftsmanship, and the spirit of Istria.

It all started in 2006 when the Krulčić family set out to create exceptional distillates and liqueurs that capture the essence of their beloved region. For generations, the Krulčić family has been deeply connected to Istria, a picturesque region known for its Mediterranean culture, gorgeous landscapes, and rich culinary heritage. Inspired by their love for Istria and their passion for preserving its traditions, they set out to create exceptional alcoholic beverages that will embody the unique flavors and character of the region. With a firm belief in the power of craftsmanship and quality, the Krulčić distillery uses traditional distillation techniques that have been passed down through the generations. Each bottle is a testament to their unwavering commitment to sourcing the best local ingredients, carefully selecting fruit, and using their expertise to create exquisite blends. The distillery is proud of its signature product teranin, a liqueur made from teran wine, fruit, and brandy. This special recipe sums up the true spirit of Istria, combining the boldness of teran with the subtle sweetness of fruit and the drinkability of brandy. It is a true representation of the rich winemaking heritage of the region and the passion that is contained in every bottle.

At the Krulčić distillery, the brand’s values are deeply rooted in authenticity, tradition, and excellence.

They strive to create a brand that not only produces premium alcoholic beverages but also embodies the essence of Istrian culture. Sustainability and responsible consumption are important principles that guide their practice, as they strive to protect natural resources and preserve the cultural heritage of Istria for future generations.

The Krulčić family invites you to go on a journey with them to experience the spirit of Istria in every sip. They are dedicated to making exceptional spirits and liqueurs that celebrate
family tradition, the beauty of the homeland, and the love he has for his craft. With each bottle, they share a part of their story, invite you to taste the flavors, and transport you to the idyllic landscapes of Istria.

Krulčić Distillery is more than a brand; it is proof of the lasting bond between family, tradition, and the country they call home.


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