Tavern Klarići: Your Favorite Spot for Croatian CuisineRestaurants

Klarići 83, 52342 Butkovići, Croatia

What to expect?

Authentic Croatian flavors, friendly service, and a cozy ambiance.

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If you’re looking for a restaurant that serves delicious traditional Croatian food in a relaxed atmosphere, then look no further than Tavern Klarići. Located in Istrian Butkovići, this restaurant offers a wide variety of tasty dishes to try! There’s also the option to order takeaway if you prefer to enjoy your meal at home.

Excellent Specialties and Regional Dishes

Tavern Klarići is popular for its excellent gourmet food, various regional dishes, and special local cuisines. Taste the cheese platters or barbecue dishes with a fine glass of wine.

You can also enjoy a refreshing beverage, a hot cup of tea, or a boosting cup of coffee. And if you want some sweat treat, try tasty pancakes and fantastic desserts that won’t disappoint.

Specialty Dish in Tavern Klarići: Istarska Supa

One of the specialties at Tavern Klarići is Istarska Supa. It’s a traditional Croatian beverage that’s perfect for those cold winter nights. It’s made with heated red wine Teran, sugar, olive oil, and pepper, served with tiny pieces of toasted bread in bukaleta, a traditional carafe.

The “supa” is meant to be shared with friends, so each person has their own small carafe. It’s a drink that unites people and adds a festive touch to any gathering.

Istarska supa / Source: poreština.info

Fun and Safe Kids Corner

Tavern Klarići is a family-friendly restaurant that features a fun and safe kids corner to keep your little ones entertained. There’s also free WiFi, making it easy for food bloggers to snap a photo! Good food, fun and nice interior sound like a perfect combination, right?

Open Every Day

Finally, the tavern provides free parking for its diners and is an animal-friendly location, so your four-legged friends are most welcome. It is open every day, so come by for a bite and experience the delicious flavors of traditional Croatian cuisine in a welcoming and lovely atmosphere.


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