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Kobas 1a, Ston 20230

What to expect?

Daily menu, delicious food, cooking class, open kitchen.

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Gastro Mare Oyster Taysting & Cooking Class

Gastro Mare Oyster Taysting & Cooking Class is a restaurant in a fishing village of Kobaš on the Pelješac peninsula.

The Team

Ante Toni Bjelančić is a world-renowned chef who has been creating culinary masterpieces for decades. Along with our chef, perfect addition in Gastro mare team is Maja Rupert. Maja is an experienced nutritionist who plays crucial role in creating delicious dishes. Her knowledge is greatly valuable in everyday preparation and ingredients selection. If they are not in the restaurant, they are then fishing and making sure that fresh fish is always available in the restaurant.

Local & Authentic

Here you can find their own farmed fish, vegetables from the surrounding local farms, local wines from Pelješac, olive oil from their own production. Everything local and delicious. They have menu of the day – it changes every day depending on the ingredients they get. This way you can be sure you are only eating fresh, high quality food.

You can enjoy a nice view on their open kitchen while you´re waiting for your meal. Everything is prepared in front of you. Gastro mare menu is adaptable to people with various food intolerances because Maja can easily find replacements for diary, eggs, nuts, gluten and similar allergens. Last but not the least, meat lovers won’t be disappointed either! Maja and Ante Toni always strive to include the best pieces of meat and all types of steaks to have wholesome offer in the restaurant. It’s guaranteed that no one will leave Gastro mare hungry!
The main star here is the tasting of the Malostonske kamenice – local oysters. And of course – we cannot forget their cooking class.

Cooking Classes

Their open kitchen invites everyone to witness how food is prepared and cooked. Cooking is their passion and sharing it comes naturally. If you’re interested into local recipes and chef’s tricks, you can join them for cooking classes where you get to learn how your meal is prepared.

Cooking class consists of 5 courses. You’re sitting around the bar where chef talks and prepares the food while you have the opportunity to write down interesting details and ask any questions that come up. This process keeps you engaged the whole time, you’re the one who decides how you want food to be cooked.

Whats included?


Fresh ingredients, 5 courses.

130 € per person

Minimum 4
Maximum 12 people

Aproximately 3 hours

Oysters & Wine

Fresh oysters – aphrodisiac of the sea – are combined with finest local wine  selection.

Right next to the sea, enjoy perfectly natural ambience at their oyster tasting bar. You will be able to taste the saltiness of the sea together with fresh oysters. This is a perfect appetizer for any meal, especially the one based on local fish that is their specialty. You also get to try homemade local wines, champagnes and sparkling wines that pair perfectly with oysters. This is very authentic experience in the beautiful surroundings. It is all it takes to relax and enjoy your summer moments in Kobaš!



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