Iva Vojnovića 75, 20000, Dubrovnik

What to expect?

Rolled dough pie with different fillings, traditional desserts. Homemade and always fresh.

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Bosančica offers a traditional Bosnian pie, in the heart of Dubrovnik.

The Story

There is a lasting connection between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Dubrovnik throughout history, and one of the strongest ties is the Bosnian language, an authentic and special alphabet of Bosnia, which was also written in Dubrovnik.

As Bosančica is an alphabet that is still kept in Dubrovnik, it is also a symbol of authenticity and tradition, as an unbreakable link between the two places when it comes to the economy, art, tourism, and thus gastronomy.

Handmade & Fresh

Bosnian pie is one of the traditional Bosnian dishes. It is prepared according to the original recipe and by the hand of a Bosnian woman. Here, they have the secrets of the best pie head chefs from Sarajevo. Furthermore, today they prepare them with hand-made dough and they are always served fresh.

All pies are made in the same way, with special skills of developing and bending, and there are many recipes and ingredients from which you can prepare them. The most sought-after are:

  • Pie with cabbage (ZELJANICA)
  • Pie with cheese (SIRNICA)
  • Potato pie (KROMPIRUŠA)
  • Pie with meat (BUREK)

In addition to the most famous and most popular traditional pies, in Bosančica you can always find a pie made according to an unusual and new recipe, and traditional Bosnian desserts.

Don’t miss their fresh apple pie,  baklava or tulumbe.

Everything is prepared fresh and with a lot of love!

Even if you feel like not going out, you can order it on the App GLOVO.

Here you can check their whole offer. 

We are sure you will love it! It is simply delicious!


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