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Rožat Gornji 1A, Dubrovnik

What to expect?

Amazing meals in nature.

Bistro Izvor

Bistro Izvor is located 10 km outside of Dubrovnik, at the Ombla river source. This place is unsigned,unheralded – a local cult. You can find it by heading down an unmarked lane on the west side of the Ombla bridge. The real highlight is the gazebo-like terrace (a few metres away), right beside the weir where the waters of the Ombla take a tumble. This is the perfect escape from the city crowd.

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Bon Appetit

Here you can enjoy simple but still various dishes. The meat is prepared slightly different, and you definitely must try their marinated ribs which are delicious! You can also try the most affordable oysters in the city and mussels prepared in two different ways. Furthermore, the menu offers Cezar and Octopus salad, beef carpaccio, duck rolls, pulled pork sandwich, burgers, shrimps, steaks, and much more. Also, don’t miss their desserts: lemon sorbetto or chocolate mousse. They are yummy.

The best thing is they also have vegetarian dishes. Try vegetarian platter or vegetarian pasta. Also, don’t miss to accompany your meals with amazing wines. Bistro offers homemade beer, without any preservatives. This place is definitely a combination of tradition and cretivity.

Bistro Izvor

Enjoy amazing nature and even better meals with your family and friends.



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