Bookstore Algebra Dubrovnik

Placa 9, Dubrovnik, Croatia

What to expect?

You’ll find some great books about Dubrovnik and Croatian history, bestsellers and classics translated in English and some other foreign languages

Bookstore Algebra Dubrovnik

Bookstore Algebra Dubrovnik is placed almost in the middle of world’s most beautiful street – Stradun. But, more important fact is that it stands there for more than 18 years already, which makes it the oldest bookstore in the town. It is small, overcrowded with books and original souvenirs, with 2 sellers who can give you all the information you need.

bookstore algebra

So, where you can find it?

As we already mentioned, it is in the Old town, facing the main street, on the corner of Široka ulica (widest vertical street). Since it is in the middle of the town, you can consider it as the best starting point of the exploration. Just visit the bookstore, buy all the necessary materials and you’ll be ready. You can find different city guides and probably most detailed city map with all famous sites you need to visit. If you like to learn more about Dubrovnik and Croatian history, you’ll find some great books about this thematic translated in English and some other foreign languages (yes, we speak Croatian 🙂 ).

If you like to lay on the beach, enjoy the sun and the sea with good books, we are recommending Algebra again. Alongside history books in English, there are many recent bestsellers and classics. Absolute hit of this summer was The girl on the train and Marble collector. Croatia has also rich literary scene, and some books are available in English and German.

bookstore algebra

Algebra doesn’t offer only books. You can find handmade Croatian souvenirs from different artists. They are popular among both locals and tourist. Maybe the most interesting are handmade masks which cover the walls, windows and bookshelves inside. Even if you don’t want to buy it, it just feels right to get inside and see them, because they are real piece of art.

You’re always welcome there, so don’t forget to visit Algebra while you stroll down Stradun.


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