Zagreb settlements Kaptol and Dolac

Zagreb settlements Kaptol and Dolac contain some of the most famous city symbols like a Zagreb Cathedral. Kaptol is a historic Zagreb settlement that is formed just around the cathedral, and today is the center of the church institutions in Croatia.


With its position, the Cathedral dominates the entire city panorama! It´s considered to be the highest building in Croatia. Its Gothic appearance was received during the restoration (1880th to 1902nd) after the great earthquake that shook Zagreb in 1880. The reconstruction was carried out by the famous architects of that time… Hermann Bolle and Friedrich von Schmidt.


Dolac, Zagreb settlement located between the Upper Town and Kaptol, is also one of the most famous symbols of the city! It is located on the same spot like the market place and the baroque church of St. Mary.

Zagreb settlements

To the west of the church lies the Tkalčićeva Street, which was built on the site of former Medvešćak stream! The Merdvešćak stream was separating the historic settlements of Gradec and Kaptol in past times. It was covered in the first half of the 20th century, but the street with its architecture preserved the spirit of old times.

zagreb settlements

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