For having the most economic stay in Zagreb and for getting the most from your time here, we invite you to take a look at the Zagreb map, which we have prepared for you on our website. Using it is very practical and it spares your time. Indeed, it’s not so easy to get lost in Zagreb, so we hope you will not have such experiences, but if you prepare yourself before coming here, things will be much easier for you. But on the other hand – if you do get lost, well…  it could be called an adventure, right?

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Using the Zagreb map is pretty smart idea in order to spare your time and energy,  so we encourage you to find the caffes and restaurants that the locals have recommended. For instance, in a very center of the city be free to choose among many places where you can drink and/or eat and refresh yourself, whether it is after the sightseeing or during the night.

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Be free to choose among many places where you can drink and/or eat

The old part of Zagreb is divided into Lower Town and the Upper Town – on our map we have included recommendations for both parts. For example, in the Upper Town please find Didov San restaurant as a must during a lunchtime, and Medvedgrad Brewery Pub to quench your thirst with a good beer. In addition to the recommendations for eating and drinking we also cover the sights of the city that everyone must be sure to visit, its history and customs of the local people.


Upper town Gradec

We have included the best places that the locals have sorted and we have marked them for you on the Zagreb map. If you are not sure which one to choose, then we will also help you. For example, where can you eat the best sandwich in town late at night, where are the most delicious burgers in Zagreb, and which are the most popular pubs.

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