Zagreb Cathedral: the Tallest Building in Croatia

Officially, Croatia is a Catholic country. Religious tourism is here well developed, but no matter whether you’re coming here as an ordinary tourist, or as someone especially interested in sacral sights, Zagreb Cathedral is a mandatory spot. Not only that its Gothic style is imposing, but this Roman Catholic cathedral is also the tallest building in Croatia!

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This cathedral is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and to kings Saint Stephen and Saint Ladislaus. Its historical value truly great. The construction of Zagreb Cathedral started in 1093, but during centuries changes and restorations were being made. After an earthquake in 1880, big restoration has been done in the Neo-Gothic style. As part of that restoration, two spires 108 m (354 ft) high were raised on the western side, both of which are now being restored.

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Zagreb Cathedral contains a relief of Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac with Christ, done by famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Also, here you can see a aculpture of the Blessed Mary with Four Angels. In this cathedral last three archbishops of Zagreb are buried. Also, the Cathedral was visited by Pope Benedict XVI on 5 June 2011. Since the building is practically in a center of Zagreb, stop by and take a look.

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