Unique Easter decoration for Discus Thrower in Zagreb

Did you know that one famous sculpture in Maksimir has a special intervention for Easter and unusual colloquial name? Near the Maksimir stadion (from the main square direction east with tram no. 11 or 12, exit station Bukovačka – Maksimir) since 1957. there is a sculpture Discus Thrower (Vanja Radauš). All those who went to Maksimir for the football match or just walk in the park or zoo, passed the sculpture on the corner of Maksimirska street and Svetice. Owing to location on frequent crossroad, sculpture quickly became a meeting point in that part of town.


Because of the very obvious reason to all who just once take a look at the sculpture, the place is colloquially known as “Weiner square”, and the phrase „I’ll meet you at Weiner square” entered the Zagreb local lingo. In the eighties neighborhood pranksters established Easter local tradition, where they paint the Discus Thrower part of the body „related with Easter decorations“. The tradition has become very well known, so former authority try to stop it by placing a policeman next to sculpture. We don’t need to emphasize that the ingenuity of locals always wins out the police. After Croatian independence tradition is lost a little bit, but last few years someone remembered again old local custom and genitals of Discus Thrower are colored again for Easter…

Where: corner of Maksimirska street and Svetice

When: before Easter

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