Traditional Croatian food at “Konoba Didov san“ Zagreb

Are your taste buds longing for traditional Croatian food? If that’ so, in a very center of old part of Zagreb, in Mletačka 11 on a hill called Grič, find your seat and start a gastronomic trip you’ll never regret. A restaurant “Konoba Didov san“ (which means Grandpa’s Dream) is actually a Dalmatian tavern and it will impress you with amount and quality of authentic Croatian dishes.

Josipa Kusić

Sač (a special iron lid designed for baking)

didov_san_zagreb (6)

 Comfortable, intimate and rustic atmosphere inside the Tavern

Tavern’s History

Almost half a century ago, grandpa Topić has opened his first tavern and dreamed to make his little family empire a bit bigger. His dream was made true by his descendants, who placed Mediterranean tavern – typical for Damlatinska zagora area – in the capital of Croatia. Only one step you need to make and realize that, no matter the location, the atmosphere is authentic Dalmatian. Comfortable, intimate and rustic atmosphere will contribute to the enjoyment of tasting traditional Croatian food. Old photographs that show almost forgotten life in Dalmatinska zagora, antique furniture and decoration, traditional stone walls, bricks and timber will beam you up to good old days. Enjoy your meal at private but yet not isolated wooden table whose red and white tablecloth will remind you of some old romantic movie.

didov_san_zagreb (18)

Red and white tablecloth

didov_san_zagreb (15)

Interior decorated with antique furniture and old bricks

didov_san_zagreb (17)

Tobacco leaves hanging from the wall

didov_san_zagreb (16)

Old saddle


How to start your meal at “Didov san“ tavern? We recomend you to begin with aperitifs like carob and fig brandy, originaly made for this restaurant. Then continue with cold or warm appetizers like uštipak (a type of fried dough). The uštipak is a dish by wich a host is actually welcoming you, so do not miss this tradition! They will serve it with homemade  cheese from tub.

didov_san_zagreb (7)


Continue your meal with soparnik, a traditional dish protected as intanginable cultural heritage, made of mangold, onions and olive oil, with a pinhc of salt and pepper. Since it’s baked in a special oven covered with ashes, the paste gets a special flavor. Olive oil used in preparing dishes is specially provided by family olive grove from the island of Korčula.

But, hey, you’re not done with starters – frogs grilled with Dalmatian prosciutto are also part of the menu. Frogs are gathered from the river Neretva and such a dish you will not find anywhere else in Zagreb. Important part of traditional Croatian food is also Dalmatian prosciutto and goat cheese, and besides these starters, you can also taste homemade bacon, sausages and salami. Or octopus salad perhaps? If meat is not your type of appetizer, you can choose among variety of homemade cheese. And, remember, all the bread is domestic and daily baked in a traditional oven.


Uštipak and soparnik served with cheese from the tub

didov_san_zagreb (11)

didov_san_zagreb (5)

Dalmatian prosciutto, homemade bacon, salami and cheese with domestic bread

Main Dishes + Wine

And here comes the real thing – main dishes. There’s so much to recommend, but let us focus on the very best food, like Grandpa’s and Grandma’s pans. The Granpa was designing the menu and the Granma was cooking the dish (typical for good old days, isn’t it?). The Grandpa’s pan include: lamb and veal cutlets, veal steak and bacon served with fresh veggies and rustic potatoes – all served in a pan. The Granma’s pan is very similar, but made of turkey meat. At “Didov san“ you’ll have the opportunity to see how Grandpa and his contemporaries prepared beef, lamb veal and potatoes under sač (a special iron lid designed for baking), Eel and frog brudet and also delicious Snails.

Since the traditional Croatian food is usually consumed with wines, the tavern will recommend you well chosen, high quality Croatian wines, but also domestic ones like kujundžuša or vranac. – This is the best and the cheapest wine in town, you won’t find it anywhere else – we’ve heard from one of the guests, and we can only confirm. These are the wines that talk all the world’s languages! 😉

Josipa Kusić

Grapes that is used for the production of domestic wines

didov_san_zagreb (20)

Grandpa´s and Grandma´s pan

didov_san_zagreb (21)

Dish on a plate

didov_san_zagreb (9)


Desserts and Coffee

After you fill your stomach to its top, leave some space for traditional cake called Imotska torta made of almonds and nuts. Your taste buds will explode of satisfaction, so we recommend you to try the cake no matter how full you are! The meal is usually finished with coffee and here they serve a genuine Turkish one, with glass of water and suger cube aside. This is a tradition in Bosnia, which is close to Dalmatinska zagora (where are the roots of this tavern).

Josipa Kusić

didov_san_zagreb (23)

Imotska torta

didov_san_zagreb (8)

If you wonder about the price, you’ll surely agree that about 20 euros per person for complete menu, starting from aperitifs till desserts, is really affordable. Professional staff and great service will make your stay extremely pleasant, so your meal will be worth every cent. The restauran is opened every day from 10 am till midnight. Free parking is provided, which is really a privilege due to its location.

didov_san_zagreb (14)

Professional staff and great service

didov_san_zagreb (13)


Truly, this is one of the best places for tasting traditional Croatian food in Zagreb. And if you visit this city again one day, you will come back to “Didov san“. We know you will.

Working hours: Every day from 10:00 am till midnight!


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