Torpedo burgers on Zagreb Burger Festival

Torpedo burgers are kicking it off on Zagreb Burger Festival, which is held until September 22nd. The festival will be attended by thousands of gourmets and lovers of increasingly popular burger culture. They will treat their taste buds, discover what’s new in the gastronomic scene and how to blend impossible taste combos into quite possible delicacies. It’s currently the best place in Zagreb to have that “special” tasty burger you’ll remember.

Other than Zagreb’s finest, this festival is a unique opportunity for the Zagreb locals and their guests to taste the finest burger hailing from the city of Rijeka!

Torpedo burgers

We absolutely recommend you to try the burgers at the Torpedo burgers stand! The name of the burger brand – Torpedo was chosen because the torpedo weapon was invented in Rijeka. The burger shape also follows the torpedo form.

It’s packed with the right mix of meat, crisp bacon, cheese, secret sauces, and fresh salad.

We love a decent burger at CityPal (actually we’re a tough burger crowd), after having a bite of the Torpedo – we were amazed by their burgers.

So far, they’ve come up with 2 burgers. The Monkey Business lands for 58 kn and you can get the Njam-Njam (Yum-Yum) or a reasonable price of 52 kn!

Monkey Business is a traditional bbq burger. 100% beef burger with 2 kinds of cheese, bacon and fresh rukola salad. It gets roasted with a secret sauce whiskey-based combo. The sauce is made from the Heinz ketchup and mustard, added with Worchester sauce, tabasco and Monkey Shoulder whiskey! When all the ingredients are well mixed the sauce is put on low heat. Garlic, onions, some honey and aceto balsamico are added.

Torpedo burgers

Monkey Business

Njam-Njam (Yum-Yum) is also a 100% beef burger packed with 3 types of cheese, baked pancetta and crunchy salad! The base of the sauce is Heinz mayonnaise and mustard. They add sweet pepper, butter, garlic and onion granules to the sauce.

Torpedo burgers

Njam-Njam (Yum-Yum)

Overall the Torpedo burgers can be described as pure happiness in a bun. They are a must-try for any burger fan.

You can find out more about the Zagreb Burger Festival by clicking here.

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