Top 5 Zagreb Events in September 2019.

Top 5 Zagreb Events in September 2019.

Don’t miss our Top 5 Events in Zagreb from 12/09/2019. to 30/09/2019.



1. Zagreb Time Machine

Where: Zagreb City

When: September 2019.

Zagreb Time Machine will bring history and customs of the city to life. You can see Upper Town from the past. Here, in the streets of the Upper Town, right beside you, the main characters from stories written long time ago are still passing by: characters from legends, but also real people. All those ordinary and great men and women who have marked Zagreb’s history.

You can also enjoy Promenade Concerts and Folklore Performances all over the city. Don’t miss the Dolac Market!

The entire schedule you can find here.



2. Food Film Festival

Where? Zrinjevac Square

When? Until 15. September 2019.

FOOD FILM FESTIVAL Zagreb is a late summer street food film festival.  It guarantees visitors an unforgettable cinematic gastronomic experience that combines two arts – cinema and cooking. It consists of the presentation of the best and most creative restaurants in Zagreb, bistros, pastry shops and wine shops with evening screenings of movies under the stars in the prettiest Zagreb park – Zrinjevac. During the day, visitors can enjoy a picnic and various entertainments, educational and cultural programs, reading area, children’s zones and many other activities and events.


Source: Food Film Festival

3. Zagreb Burger Festival

Where? J.J. Strossmayer Square

When? 12-22 September 2019.

Zagreb Burger Festival, powered by Tabasco, comes to Zagreb for the fourth time. It includes burger chefs from Zagreb, Ljubljana, Osijek and Rijeka. Some of the famous burger bars are: Tabasco Burger Bar by Mate Janković, The Garden Bar&Kitchen, Good Food, Lars&Sven,  Rougemarin, Gabela, Bistro Deno, Burger bar, Maredo, El Toro, Submarine, Kascheta, BarBaQ, Reshetka by Đurina hiža, Barcode Mitra, Brewbites, Torpedo burger, American bar Dollar, Špiro i Bread Club.

170.000 of visitors came to this festival last year. You definitely don’t wanna be the only one to miss it. Enjoy great burgers, steaks, beers, whiskey and much more!


Source: Zagreb Burger Festival

4. Red Bull Soapbox Race

Where? From Kaptol Street to ban Jelačić Square

When? 14. September, 2019.

Red Bull Soapbox Race is a race for creative racers who can build their own cars. This competition shows a lot of people’s creativity, bravery, and they also have a lot of fun. Don’t miss to watch it if you are in the City. Some of the previous ideas included Golden Gate Bridge, piano, kids chairs, prison cell and much more.

Source: Red Bull Soapbox Race

5. 17th World Theatre Festival

Where? Croatian National Theatre

When? 25. September 2019.

World Theatre Festival comes to Zagreb and lasts from 25. September to 1. October 2019. If you like good theatre shows, this is a great opportunity you shouldn’t miss. You can click here to see the schedule.







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