Top 5 places where locals eat in downtown Zagreb

Top 5 places where locals eat in downtown Zagreb

When we are talking with tourists about everyday restaurants in Zagreb, one of the most common question is: „Where do you go to eat in downtow ? I want to go there, not to tourist restaurant!”  So, here are five places where locals eat in Zagreb and trusted downtown walkable places to eat off the beaten tourist tracks. Not on TripAdvisor! Psssst…

1. Mali, ali..

One tram station from main square, direction west, is local food joint where businessman on lunch break, hipsters, students and local grannys go. Large offer of dishes prepared like at home. Croatian way of buffet restaurant like the ones in Russia, UK, Brazil,ect. Ready meals, soup, meat (chichen steak, pork roast, Cordon Bleu), Asian rolls, fish, pasta, risotto, salad…

where locals eat in Zagreb

Gastro bar Mali, ali…, Frankopanska 11, mon – fri 08h – 20h, sat 08h – 18h, sun closed

daily menu, from 29kn (3,50€)

2. Kod Mimice

Legendary fish buffet located just a few minutes walk from main square, direction east, is a place where time has stopped. Since 1945. Mimice is oldest fast food restaurant before fast food era. Socialist like interior (last renovation was who know when,) no tables, you order and pay at counter and eat it on high stools. Small, cheap, popular, quick. On menu are only sardines, sprats, hakes, squid, mackerel with fries, bean/potato salad and wine, beer or soda.

where locals eat in Zagreb

Buffet Kod Mimice, Jurišićeva 21, mon – fri 07h – 21h, sat 08h – 19h, sun closed

fish menu, from 18kn (2,50€)

3. Gablaona

Few steps south from Zagreb main square, there is great little neighborhood restaurant serving meal called gablec. It means spoon or fork warm cooked meal, Croatian type of brunch. They have daily menu with a good choice of almost 20 cut – price meals. Traditional ones are sarma, goulash, sausages with potatoes and sauerkraut or classics like fried chicken, pork chops with rice, hake and chips, gnocchi…

where locals eat in Zagreb

Restaurant Gablaona, Petrinjska 9, mon – fri 08h – 16h, sat 12h – 20h, sun closed

daily menu, from 22kn (3€)

4. Burek

Located in the heart of Dolac ( when you go up the stairs on the right side of first terrace) there is another cult gastro place in Zagreb. Shabby, scrap and old – times like. But authentic, crowded and very good. They only serve burek ( meat filled pastry, rolled in a spiral) with meat, cheese and apple. And yogurt. So, if you want to eat something quick from the foot, good, cheep and traditional go with burek at Dolac market.

where locals eat in Zagreb

Burek, Dolac 2, mon – fri 07h – 21h, sat 07h – 15h, sun 07h – 14h

burek, from 10kn (1,50€)

5. Berubambi

Another famous gablec place where locals eat in Zagreb near the HNK (Croatian National Theatre) is also well known delivery joint. In front of the pub there is always several delivery scooters going up and down, you can’t miss the place. So, after your first visit to Berubambi, next time you can try food delivery. They work until 23h, even in sundays. Daily and a la carte menu with grill meat, fish, pizza, salad, gyros, lasagna, pasta, Mex, vege…

where locals eat in Zagreb

Berubambi pub, Ulica Jurja Žerjavića 19, mon – sub 10h – 23h, sun 12h – 23h

daily and a la carte menu, from 25kn (3,50€)

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