Top 10 must see sights in Zagreb

Depending on individual  interests, everyone has it’s own personal top 10 must see sights in Zagreb. This one is ours. We try to be objective.

1.  Ban Josip Jelačić square (Trg bana Josipa Jelačića)

sights in Zagreb

Main central square in Zagreb is starting point for all sightseeings and orientation. Square was stage of Croatian historical events, so it’s a true center of the city for centuries. Classicism, secession and modernism styled, always full with people going up and down. Big clock on the west side of the square is city No.1 meeting spot and statue of Josip Jelačić – one of the best known sights in Croatia, is popular photo point. You can’t miss it!

Where: Trg bana Josipa Jelačića

When: every day 0h-24h

Tickets: free

You can find more informations on Ban Josip Jelačić square


2.  Dolac market (Tržnica Dolac)

Dolac market Photo: Julien Duval Photography

Dolac market
Photo: Julien Duval Photography


Dolac is the biggest and most famous market in Zagreb. Living heartbeat of city, full of life, people, smells, tastes, sounds and colors. On the upper part of Dolac is open market with stalls full of fruits and vegetables together with fish market and bellow is sheltered level with meet and fresh dairy products. Photo buffs will love picturesque sunshades and ladies who sells groceries. Foodies will respect great old school places to eat (Burek, Amfora).

Where: Dolac 2

When: mon-fri 06:30h-15:00h, sat 06:30h-14:00h, sun 06:30h-13:00h

Tickets: free

You can find more informations on Dolac market „Zagreb Belly“


3.  The Zagreb Cathedral (Katedrala Marijina Uznesenja)

sights in Zagreb

The Zagreb Cathedral is impressive, with its 108m in high, the tallest building in Croatia with exceptional example of change through ages and architectural styles (primary neo – gothic). It is one of the most recognizable symbols of Zagreb and a peaceful and holy place worth of detail tour inside. During the Sunday Masses magnificent organs takes you like the time machine to the past times and creates a special atmosphere which transcends religious and language barriers. Just close your eyes for a second!

 Where: Kaptol 31

When: every day 07:00h-19:00h, mass every day 07:00h, 08:00h, 09:00h, 18:00h

Tickets: free

You can find more informations on The Zagreb Cathedral


4.  Tkalčićeva street (Tkalčićeva ulica)

sights in Zagreb

This is one of the oldest street in the city! But despite the age today is energetic and vibrant, popular stroll place full of bars, restaurants, pubs, small boutiques and souvenir shops. Ground floor of almost every house is transformed and has a terrace in front. During the day Tkalčićeva is walking promenade, relaxed coffee drinking paradise always bustling with people. When sun goes down it turns into warm up night life street with bars full until the late hours, especially on weekends.

 Where: Tkalčićeva ulica

When: every day 0h-24h, bars and restaurants 09:00H-00:00H

Tickets: free

You can find more informations on Tkalčićeva street


5.  Upper Town (Gornji grad)

Valentine's Day in Zagreb


Upper Town is the old Zagreb district with network of little streets which are reflecting its history – like you suddenly find yourself in 18th century. Croatian Parliament, Government, museums, churches and some ministries are ruling Croatia from the Upper Town. It is quietly, picturesque, mostly car free zone ideal for romantic walk at night when gas lanterns are on. Do not miss sights like roof of St. Mark’s church, a gunshot from the cannon at noon from Lotršćak Tower and a silent prayer in the Stone Gate!

 Where: Gornji grad

When: every day 0h-24h

Tickets: free

You can find more informations on Upper Town Gradec: Where Present Meets the Past


6.  Ilica street (Ilica)

sights in Zagreb

Main city street full of people and tram lines, one of the longest and the best known street in Zagreb which stretches from the main city square to the suburbs. A shopping street with all kinds of stores, boutiques, bakeries, pastry shops, bars, clubs, restaurants and theaters. It connects many sights – elegant passage Oktogon, historical Funicular, popular Museum of Ilusions and cool British square that is turning into the antiques fair every Sunday. Take a stroll and mingle!

Where: Ilica

When: every day 0h-24h

Tickets: free

You can find more informations on Ilica street


7.  Funicular (Uspinjača)

sights in Zagreb

It is the shortest funicular ride (66m up in 64 seconds) and  the safest public transportation system in the world, because not single passenger have been injured while riding it from 1890. Zagreb Funicular connects Downtown (Tomićeva street) with Upper Town (Lotrščak tower) and it is the oldest public transportation system in Zagreb. Short but cool ride is ideal for kids and from the top station there is a fantastic view over the city.

Where: Uspinjača, Tomićeva street/Lotrščak tower

When: every day from 06:30h-22:00h

Tickets: 4kn (0.50€), emergency ride 20kn (3€)

You can find more informations on Zagreb Funicular link !


8.  Zrinjevac park (Park Zrinjevac)

sights in Zagreb

Zrinjevac is one of the oldest and the most beautiful parks in Zagreb. It is situated only 200m from the main city square with picturesque trees, old pavilion, an antique weather station, statues and fountains surrounded by impressive mansions and grand buildings. Great peaceful place to sit down on a bench/grass, relax and watch the people pass by or enjoy in classic concerts on the weekend mornings.

Where: Park Zrinjevac

When: every day 0h-24h

Tickets: free

You can find more informations on The Most Beautiful Parks in Zagreb


9.  Mirogoj cemetery (Groblje Mirogoj)



Travelers’ Choice No.1 for Zagreb in 2015 on TripAdvisor. Zagreb main cemetery is well preserved open air museum and one of the nicest in the Europe. It is typical example of the monumental architecture with arcades, pavilions and tombs with special peaceful atmosphere and historical and cultural heritage of Croatia. Catch a bus no.106 from Kaptol (Zagreb Cathedral), exit at the Mirogoj cemetery and experience the sounds of silence!

Where: Groblje Mirogoj, Aleja Hermanna Bollea 27

When: 01.04.-30.10. 06:00h-20:00h, 01.11.-31.03. 07:30h-18:00h

Tickets: free

You can find more informations on


10. Zagreb 360° – Zagreb Eye observation deck (Vidikovac Zagreb Eye)


Observation deck above Ban Jelačić square with panoramic view of Zagreb is located on the 16th floor at the very top of the Zagreb Skycsraper (Zagrebački neboder) at Ilica street 1a. The building is by itself one of the Zagreb icons, the ruler of Downtown skyline since 1959 and a great place to see the city in palm of your hand (eye). Tip: ticket is valid all day so you can come after the sunset to see night view too.

Where: Zagreb 360° – Vidikovac Zagreb Eye

When: every day 10:00h-23:45h

Tickets: Children 0-3 free, children up to 150m 15kn (2€), adults 30kn (4€), family 75kn (10€)

You can find more informations on Zagreb 360°

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