Top 10 Croatian inventions

Croatian inventors and innovators are the authors of a whole range of fantastic inventions, ideas and innovations which have indebted entire world! Here’s our selection of the Top 10 Croatian inventions which have strongly influenced various fields of human endeavor!


Necktie (Cravat)

The necktie is considered to be the original Croatian product. It spread through the Europe in the 17th century by Croatian soldiers! Soon, the necktie became a recognizable fashion detail all over the Europe.

Parachute – Faust Vrančić

Faust Vrancic’s most famous invention is the parachute!  It is concieved as a rectangular wooden frame construction with streched  fabric from where hangs the paratrooper. It is assumed to be tested by a jump from the tower in Venice at the end of the 16th century!

Intelligiant  (water canon) – John Mišković

Intelligiant is the water cannon, which is now used worldwide! The invention of the intelligiant significantly influenced the development of hydraulic excavation of gold. It is used  in firefighting, large vehicle washing, riot control and mining.

Torpedo – Ivan Lupus

Ivan Lupus was a Commander of the Austrian Frigate “Venus”. In 1860 he invented and built a torpedo, which was later perfected by British engineer Robert Whitehead!

Electric light-bulb with a metal filament (tungsten) – Franjo Hanaman

Franjo Hanaman was the famous Croatian chemist and metallurgist and inventor of the first cost-effective electric light bulb with a metal filament. It was patented in 1903! Light bulb filament which is still used and which replaced the bulb with carbon filament was a turning point in the production of lighting fixtures!

Mechanical pencil – Slavoljub Penkala

His biggest and best-known invention, an automatic mechanical pencil, Penkala reported in 1906, and a little later he invented a fountain pen with solid ink, as well as a its holder that can be attached to the pocket.

Puretic power block – Mario Puratić

The puretic power block was invented by a Croatian fisherman, Mario Puratić, and patented in 1953. The Puretic power block is a special kind of mechanised winch used to haul nets on fishing vessels. The Puretic power block revolutionized the technology of hauling fishing nets, particularly purse seine nets. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), “no single invention has contributed more to the success of purse seine net hauling” than the power block, which was “the linch-pin in the mechanization of purse seining”.

Dactyloscopy (fingerprint indefitication) – Ivan Vučetić

Ivan Vučetić developed his own method of fingerprint classification! Dactyloscopy relies on the analysis and classification of patterns observed in individual prints. Fingerprints are made of series of ridges and furrows on the surface of a finger; the loops, whorls, and arches formed by those ridges and furrows generally follow a number of distinct patterns. Fingerprints also contain individual characteristics called “minutiae,” such as the number of ridges and their groupings, that are not perceptible to the naked eye.

 Zeppelin – David Schwarz

David Schwarz has built first aluminum airship in a shape of a shell, filled with hydrogen! It was 48 meters long with 3.560 kilograms weight! Some sources state that Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin purchased Schwarz’s patent from his widow in 1898.

Mp3 Player – Tomislav Uzelac

Croatian programmer and student of FER Zagreb Tomislav Uzelac has made an AMP MP3 Playback Engine in 1997, which is considered the first MP3 player in the world!

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