Tomorrow is Saturday – dance the night away in Lauba

If you are in Zagreb on “Tomorrow is Saturday” fridays and you are looking for good party , you are very lucky.

Tomorrow is Saturday

Only once in every month or two under the tagline „We dance on fridays because tomorrow is saturday“, private owned popular art gallery Lauba hosts a theme party Sutra je subota (Tomorrow is Saturday). On party days after 23:00h, in front of the large former industrial hangar behind the Lauba gallery, the long line for tickets is created like at world’s most popular clubs. Well-known Croatian DJ’s with disco, old school hip-hop, RnB, hipster music, indie rock, house and trash music lead the party people to dance hard hours and hours. Visitors are mostly 25+, urban, cool, 50:50 women/man with good musical taste and big appetite for quality fun. First party in 2016. will be held this friday (19.02.) in Japanese Bosozoku („running-out-of-control“) style. Bosozoku is part of Japanese culture and represents subculture of customized motorcycles from the fifties and sixties. Bosozuku members rides noisy motorcycles in dangerous or reckless driving with jumpsuits and surgical masks. The movement is still alive in Japan with deep mark in fashion, music, manga and film. Well, this time Lauba goes in neo-Japanese style, something new in Zagreb night life, exactly what organization crew had on mind when they started the program.

Tomorrow is SaturdayProject was initially imagined as independent travel party presenting different well-known location in a new light, but Lauba is one of the few spaces in the Zagreb with all organizational requirements, so organizers stick with it. If you can, we recommend you to buy tickets in presale at bar A most unusual garden, Horvaćanska 3. Then you don’t have to wait in cold february line in front of the Lauba. You can thank us latter. Or at the bar!

Where: Lauba, Prilaz baruna Filipovića 23

When: 19.02. 22:00h – 05:00h

Tickets: 40kn (5€), presale 30kn (4€)

You can find more informations on sutra je subota

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